The evolution of construction marketing

Construction Marketing Expert Sarah ReayIt fascinates me how marketing has evolved so rapidly in the last decade. Only in the last eight years, since I joined the marketing profession, I have seen modern technology open up multiple opportunities for construction businesses.

International barriers have been lifted, with instant communication at the touch of a button, to any country across the world.

The transition from Excel to Customer Relationship Management systems, (CRM) allowing us to track and nurture prospective customers in real time.

I’m sure you all agree, social media has undoubtedly created the biggest impact in the last three years.  The use of social networking platforms like Twitter and Linked in, allowing you to make connections and build rapport with like-minded people, not to mention the power in raising your company profile, whilst circulating news updates instantly as stories unfold.

The benefits to utilising modern marketing techniques are hugely quantifiable; instantly you can measure the effects of your marketing campaigns at the touch of a button, where as previously, a shot in the dark would be a close comparison to demonstrating return on your investment.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be discussing useful marketing platforms in more detail, highlighting the benefits, as well as demonstrating how you can get results for your construction business.

Also, look out for my interview with Eddie Horrocks, one of our Construction Marketing Experts, who will be reflecting on how marketing has helped him raise a business from 2.5m to 20m. Eddie will also be sharing his opinions on how construction marketing has changed over the last 25 years.

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