Think You’re Too Busy for Marketing?

Success_looks_likeThe shops are filled with Halloween paraphernalia and hotels and restaurants are festooned with ‘book your Christmas party here’ banners…we must be in Q4!

And what a difference a year makes. This time last year there was plenty of talk and encouraging signs of recovery but everyone was cautious about really believing it. Now, many companies are struggling to meet demand for products or are inundated with tenders…keeping the team busy and taking many eyes off the marketing ball.

The irony is that when times were tougher, lots of companies cut marketing resources because they didn’t have the budget…and now that things are looking up, they haven’t the time to devote to marketing because they’re too busy handling enquiries!

So, who needs marketing when the enquiries are flooding in anyway?

Everyone, that’s who.

The problem with a purely reactive approach to handling enquiries is that you spend valuable time and resources on following up leads that may not be aligned to your commercial strategy or provide a return on your time investment.

And without marketing expertise, your tenders may not only be rushed, they may also be too rough and ready to stand out against the competition.

The point is that marketing is an essential part of delivering business success during both the lean times and the less challenging years because, when delivered effectively and strategically, it raises your profile, differentiates you, engages with your target audiences and generates the right kind of leads from the right kind of customers.

A specialist agency like CME can also help you to enhance tender submissions with professionally written case studies and expertly designed documents that put you ahead of the field. We can even help you to create pre-qualification templates that will streamline the tendering process; improving your success rate and using your resources more effectively and time efficiently.

As the recovery continues, the challenge for business now is to ensure that growth is strategic and sustainable. Ensuring that effective marketing support is in place is an essential element of that equation.

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