What’s Success if You Don’t Shout About it?

awards 1st placeThere may have been few surprises when the ubiquitous Ant & Dec picked up yet another BAFTA this weekend, with the TV pair almost as well known for their awards success as they are for their Geordie accents.

It may be nothing new to them but it’s a very important element in their career success. The fact that they are winning awards, year after year, demonstrates that they are at the top of their game.  For their audience the accolades confirm that anything with the Ant & Dec name attached is worth watching.  For the TV execs that hire them, the gongs are proof of their popularity, making the shows they’re attached to a very marketable commodity. And for the presenters themselves, the awards ensure they can demand top dollar fees.

It’s a very mainstream example of a marketing tool that is widely available but often overlooked in the commercial world. Whether it’s local business trophies or sector specific accolades, awards can be a very important and prestigious way to get noticed and gain third party endorsement for your company’s achievements.

Often, however, companies that could win awards don’t even try to compete. And then when they see that one of their competitors has been recognised by the judges they are irritated that a business that has not achieved as much has stolen their thunder in the press and stolen a march on the competition.

The reality is that entering awards takes time.  You have to identify suitable award schemes, decide which categories to enter and assemble all the information required for the entry. The entry may involve detailed information, supporting statements of up to a thousand words, images and even third party testimonials – all with no guarantee of a win at the end.

The rewards, however, can be considerable. It can get you noticed, help you differentiate your business in a competitive market and provide confidence that you are a company with ambition.

The good news is that you don’t have to manage the process alone.  At CME, we help our clients to identify suitable awards and compile their entries to help them maximise their chances of winning and minimise the time and effort that goes with it.

It means that we can help them win recognition for their achievements boosting their marketing efforts and making the most of their success.

So, ask yourself, are you shouting loud enough about your success?


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