Will Your Event Score Success?

hospitalitySo, the weather looks like it might finally be improving, the economic outlook is almost certainly brighter and we have a fantastic summer of sport to look forward to.

All of that says one thing loud and clear to me. Corporate hospitality.

For a while, during the recession, the concept of demonstrating how much you value professional relationships by nurturing them on the golf course, at a drinks reception or in a corporate box got a little lost.

It’s not that companies no longer wanted to do it.  It was just that, in a climate where budgets were tight and new contracts were scarce, few could justify the expense or demonstrate the value.

The downturn in events was a significant measure of just how challenging things have been in the construction marketplace; an environment where personal networking and the importance of rewarding loyal contacts have always been openly acknowledged.

The tide is turning again now, with a more buoyant outlook and a competitive drive to win new business. But if you have budget available for events you need to make sure your investment works as hard as it can for you; which means ensuring you invite the right people to the right type of ‘do’ and create a seamless experience without unnecessary over-spend.

For many construction sector companies, an annual golf day is a good place to start. It not only fits the demographic but it also provides an opportunity for informal conversation during the day followed by a more formal platform to ‘sell’ the company in the evening, lightly sprinkled with a healthy dose of competition.

This year, however, you don’t even need the right shoes or the required fitness to host a sport-related event. Few companies can afford to fly their top prospects out to Brazil for the World Cup or even take them up to Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use those events to consolidate relationships and drive new business.

All that’s needed is some creative thinking. Will you organise a client sweepstake with a drinks reception screening of the World Cup final to celebrate the winners and losers? Will you select the make or break England match or the Mens’ 100m final and send out branded shirts as the invitations? Or will you offer clients a sport-free Sunday as the antidote to a fixture-packed summer.

Whatever you choose to do, if you want to leverage maximum value you need to ensure it runs like clockwork: it could mean the difference between an impressive score and crashing out in the first round!

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