Word Of Mouth In Construction Is Rife

word of mouth-saidaonlineIt is said (well quite often to me at least) that Word Of Mouth is important in construction. Yes, that’s pretty obvious I guess, but why when people say that do they seem to suggest it is more important in construction than in other sectors?

Or is it? That’s what we set out to discover with our survey yesterday. Excluding results from those who tender only (i.e. no word of mouth business), you’ve told us that an average of 73.1% of new business received has its source in word of mouth or recommendations.

But why is it so important compared to other business sectors? Well we were fascinated with what you said. Phil Collins of Collins Design & Build in Herefordshire suggests that the wrong contractor can prove too costly so you need to be sure.

He says “The reason is that in the Construction business more so than any other – it is so easy to compare prices but impossible to judge the quality and timeliness of the company’s work until they are too far into the contract to change your mind.

“So what do you do – you ask around – who is the best company for this work – and go with a recommendation.

“Those who don’t so often learn the hard way – cheapest CAN be best but in reality it is rare.”

Daniel Burbridge, Precision Projects in London concurs:

“No one wants to get 2 months down the line with a company that has talked the talk but can’t walk the walk if you know what I mean, there just isn’t enough time or money to accommodate that in this sector!”

What Is Word Of Mouth Or Recommendation Business Anyway?Word_Of_Mouth_marketing

In my view, it is any business that has the experience of another as the instigator to a buying decision.

And that’s where it follows from the point Phil and Daniel make – we seek certainty that a good job can be done and those we chose have demonstrated it through the experiences of others.

Barney Worral, Commercial Director of Guaranteed Asphalt Ltd in London goes a little further:

“I’d calculate that any work that has not been actively and aggressively won, is word of mouth.”

“Also within this estimate, I am counting works that we win time and again for current clients as the decisions for these are not made by a single person, so positive discussions must be being had about us, which I’d say counts as “word of mouth.”

It can also become a benchmark of the quality of work you do, because if you are not receiving as much, maybe it’s time to review what you do.

Tyron Green of Multi-Fab Construction in Leominster explains:

“Word of mouth as an expression is effectively someone referring/recommending your business on to others.

“Nobody’s going to recommend you with a poor reputation, so if you’re getting business by word of mouth I’d say you have a pretty good reputation, if not then it’s time to take a step back and take an objective view of your own company.”

bad-reviewGood News Travels – But Not Nearly As Fast As Bad News

If you’ve ever dabbled in Facebook, you may well have seen the power of negative word of mouth. A picture of the offending dish can be posted on Facebook, even during a terrible meal together with a slating review to the friends of the disgruntled restaurant customer.

Conversely, you see very little of the positive restaurant experiences – bad news travels much faster than good news.

Of course to sustainably stay ahead, word of mouth may not alone be enough. Jim Maguire Managing Director of Excel Glass in Belfast:

“Word of mouth must be supported by very robust accreditation and external auditing to gain the necessary confidence required to secure the business. In their field, companies must be at the top of their game and seek continual improvement to succeed.”

Allister of Allister Godfrey Architects in Oxfordshire believes it benchmarks how well he is doing”

“Word of mouth recommendations are an important part of my business as it validates the quality of the work and the service we provide.”

One Word From A Happy Client Costs Nothing, But Has A Huge Impacthappy_customers

You need a great marketing presence, thousands of words spread across your brochures and website. Especially important in tendering to communicate your full story.

But where tendering isn’t a factor, a couple of words from a client is enough to make the difference – another saying “they’re great” for example is enough to give you the confidence if you were hesitant.

Marcus Normanton of R&D Construction in Bury St Edmonds has experienced word of mouth ‘internally’ within his clients:

“We are lucky to have an extremely large amount of repeat business within this from the same company for example, but it may be a different department or a different factory location or yard.

“People are no different within construction from any other industry. They want to buy with confidence and if you can demonstrate this through a third party, you have an unlimited priceless form of advertising.”

word-of-mouth-marketing-statistics-Word Of Mouth – How You Can Get Much More Of It (MAKING Good News Travel)

This is one of life’s anomalies. This survey confirms that 73.1% of new business comes from word of mouth. If that’s the case, why do most of us just wait for it to happen when there is so much you can do about it?

Especially when the word of a happy client can swing the deal even if it didn’t spark the original opportunity.

You see that’s the challenge. People spread bad news like wildfire, but tend to only spread good news when asked. If you said to a friend, “I fancy eating out, but somewhere different”, that’s when you suddenly unearth a story about a great night out at an amazing Mexican restaurant your friend never told you about before.

That’s where your Construction Marketing Experts can lend a hand. You see if you were delighted by a contractor you have worked with, if somebody called to ask your opinion, how would you feel?

In virtually every case we have dealt with, clients love to share positive experiences. It’s kind of what goes around comes around – and as human beings we don’t mind helping another with a recommendation.

But it often feels outside of normal business etiquette for you yourself to ask your client for word of mouth. But when it’s a third party, a specialist construction marketing company (i.e. not you asking the question and breaking any etiquette), it’s so much easier.

Which is why we do the next best thing – we bottle it for you – as many bottles as you need, ready to uncork and deploy as soon as you need more business, or, if you want to close a significant opportunity with rock-solid client evidence.

If you want to find out how, email me saying “Word Of Mouth info” to ian@constructionmarketingexperts.co.uk.


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